Friday, August 3, 2007

More on blogging and martial arts.

Following up on my previous articles on blogging, I wanted to talk a little more about blogging and specifically how blogging can be a training tool for the martial artist.

For the student, a martial arts blog can be an archive of thoughts and feelings over the years. It is a sounding board for new ideas and learning how to express your understanding of techniques and philosophy. Years later, it can be both fascinating and humbling to look back on postings to see how you've progressed over the years. BigKiai is a good example of a student blog.

Others may find some unique uses for their blog. Master Larry Dercole of the World Tang Soo Do Association uses his blog to keep folks abreast of the goings on in his dojang. Much like the old newsletter of old, the blog can be used to keep students, parents and alumni informed of what the school is up to. Unlike a newsletter, you don't have to wait for enough stories to publish online. A post here and there, with regular frequency, keeps the readers returning (or subscribing to your RSS feed, bonus!)

Instructors may even want to use their blog as instructional resource. They may use the blog to reinforce a point from the previous night's class, supplementing their advice with an article or a movie from Dailymotion. Many students retain information they have read far better than when listening. From my own experience, I certainly fall in that category, as do many of the students I attract. Posting a technical article (such as the toe kick article) allows you to touch on a few fine points that you didn't have time for in class. Taking the time to create such an article may even inspire an instructor to take their research further, maybe even writing an entire book on the subject. Other articles may be just one-time pieces, but still give the instructor experience in discussing their chosen subject matter in an eloquent manner.

Just some more reasons to encourage instructors and students to start blogging!
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