Monday, December 10, 2007


For me, testing always marks a period of introspection. In this case, it is marked not by my own testing but by our class gup test. It is a time to look back on what you've accomplished, what your future goals are, and if the work you are doing now is leading to those goals. This year is the 10th anniversary of our studio, and along with nostalgia, a fair amount of introspection has occurred.

This quarter, we were fortunate to have a good group of white belts join and stay for the term. As a result, we had a very successful test, both in numbers, but also in effort. For the most part, spirits were very high after the test. A few days later, I was able to look at the pictures of the test and was somewhat humbled.

As I looked at the photos, I saw things I wanted to immediately address. Stances, focus of eye, sparring problems, and other little quirks that I was able to glean from over 400 photographs (if you're not already, get someone to shoot the test with a digital slr camera, and tell them not to be shy. the documentation is absolutely amazing and worth the effort.) This is not to say that these things were bad but they could certainly use some improvement. And that's my role in the dojang, to push the students to their mental and physical limits, tear down those barriers and continue forward.

I am satisfied with our progress, as long as progress continues to be made. Otherwise, I'm still sitting in last week while the world passes me by.
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