Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Class should be harder? I dunno.

Quick drive by post:

A few students are clamoring for a more physically intense class. They want to be dripping with sweat and trembling in their legs. I certainly value the hard workout, and there's nothing like a 1000 kick class to really make you not want to get out of bed the next morning.

Here's my question: is that truly the role of class? Obviously, Tang Soo Do is not an academic class with me at the lectern, espousing my theories while they take notes. Proficiency comes largely from repetition, especially at junior rank levels.

Part of me says "if you want a workout, that's what outside of class is for."

The other part of me understands this need for a physically challenging class, but feels conflicted because I feel there are so many mental aspects I want to share.

I suppose the truth is that there is plenty of time to learn those lessons, so why not spread them out over a physically demanding class?

What are your thoughts?
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