Friday, January 4, 2008

kicking drill

First off, this xkcd comic captures my approach to youtube. Whilst searching for bojutsu clips, I started following suggested links until I came across a few eku videos, from where I eventually was led to a few videos from Patrick McCarthy, whom you may know as a translator of the Bubishi. As it happened, I was thinking about kick drills and fell into this great drill by accident.

I dropped this drill on my students last night, and after minutes of agonized moaning, I think everyone benefited from the practice. Slow, static kicks are always a challenge for me (though at least I can get them above my waist now!) and this drill addresses a few key points, namely balance and proper chambering for kicks. The partner gives a little stability which is nice, and they also provide excellent targets for keeping the kicker honest. It's hard to deny that your "head high" kick is really closer to the ribs. :)

Once again, I am tooting the benefits of martial artists to get more involved with YouTube. Some excellent innovative material is out there (as well as a lot of, well, crud.)

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