Friday, February 15, 2008

More on Wikis

This past weekend, we successfully hosted our yearly clinic for studios in our Region. While it's not a particularly expensive or stressful event, there is quite a bit of paperwork to keep track of, dates to keep in mind, deadlines, etc. When one person is doing all the work, it's incumbent upon them to organize the material however they see best (I personally prefer using labels in gmail.)

When collaborating and planning with a group, sometimes a Wiki may be the best bet for organizing your info. I know I've written about wikis before, but I have just started using our studio's wiki to plan the next clinic.

What's a wiki?

One of the key benefits I see is uploading files, tracking comments from meetings, planning along a timeline, and using the discussion page to keep track of our next directions.

A wiki is very easy to install on your website. Your provider may already offer a wiki package for easy install, or you may want a big package such as MediaWiki You may also find wikispaces is just enough for your needs, and with a lot less install work on your part.
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