Thursday, March 27, 2008

push content to your students

A lot of martial arts schools are using web pages to stay in contact with their students or student parents. College clubs or adult classes are great for this, since you can easily foster 2 way communication if you want (I don't suggest emailing back and forth with minor students.)

The only problem with this model is that is relies on the students to actively seek out your webpage, visit it regularly, and see what you wanted them to see! Too often, I hear people say with frustration "Well, I put it up on the web page!"

If you don't update your web page on a regular interval, you can't really expect your students to constantly check the page. Especially if they can go for months without seeing new info.

That's where an RSS feed can really help you out.

A lot of content management systems, such as wordpress or drupal will handle this for you. If you're really brave, you could also create your own xml file and manually update it as you change the site.

Currently, I am using RSS to push out calendar dates to my students. I use 30boxes to organize our studio's calendar, then I can push that content either directly to the website, or my students can subscribe to the feed, and always be aware when I add a special class or a new event comes up.

There are of course many other ways you could use this to push content to your viewers. I'm just giving you a taste :)
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