Monday, March 3, 2008

WTSDA Schools in Ohio.... Unite!

Currently, there are 4 WTSDA affiliated schools in Ohio: BTSD, CTSDA, Lifetime and Lexus-Nexus TSD. Of those, the former 3 are all within Columbus. All of us are roughly within an hour of each other, which makes it easy and enjoyable to get together and train as a group.

The instructor over at Lifetime has worked out a deal with his host that will allow us to meet once a month for a combined training session. We'll get a whole basketball court for 2 hours, and other club members will not be charged for entrance. They get a little free marketing for their member services, and we get a good opportunity for our students to train with different people, ranks, body types, etc.

I'm very excited to see how this will work out, and I'm positively thrilled that we have gotten to a point where our schools have enough students to make such a thing feasible.

Here's to continued growth!
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