Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Re-Reading your Journal

In a previous post, I was asked how often I go back and reflect on what I've written in the past. To be honest, I don't re-examine my writing very much upon completion. When I do, sometimes the process can be very humbling.

Think about how much you've grown as a person since High School. For me, it's been a little over 13 years, and when I stop to consider how my thoughts, opinions and emotions have changed over those years, I can't help but wonder how irritated I would be with the writing I produced then. Luckily, not much of it exists, but I'm sure it's all very embarrassing.

I didn't take many notes as a Gup student, but I can imagine that reading them would make me realize how big of a pretentious, annoying doofus zealot I was (was?) at the time. I'm not sure how my instructor tolerated my perceived level of knowledge!

A few weeks ago, I looked at my journal entries from when I was a Cho Dan. I had some interesting notes and observations about what was going on around me. Some things I had completely forgotten about over the years. Other things were best forgotten. :)

So while I tend to feel that my journal output has a fairly short shelf life, there are occasional gems which I am very thankful for recording on paper. Most often, I look at the last few weeks of notes to see trends in my classes or what I've been contemplating. I try to write down a little before each class, sort of a guiding theme or set of reminders. If I forget to mention it, I circle it for the next class.

At the very least, reading my journal reminds me to occasionally write things down.
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