Monday, May 5, 2008

Regional Championships

This weekend, our studio participated in the Region 5 Championship. It is a 3 day, action packed event featuring a black belt test, tournament and clinic. Sometimes, I even find time to eat AND sleep.

2 of my students tested for Cho Dan, and I am very proud of their efforts. Both students excelled in their demonstration of what a BTSD Cho Dan should look like. They were physically well prepared, spiritually very focused, and did an excellent job on the written exam, scoring a 100 and a 98, respectively.

I had the opportunity to judge at the tournament and saw a few competitors who have made great strides in their technique and ability over the years. On Sunday, I was honored to teach staff skills at the gup clinic, and listen to Grandmaster Shin's discussion on Ki Gong. The weekend was well worth the 9 hours of driving.

However, my favorite part of the weekend wasn't on the training floor or while wearing a dobohk. It was on Sunday morning before the clinic as we ate breakfast. Eating together on trips is a long tradition in our club, and it was very nice that everyone was together (it was quite tempting to get that extra hour sleep and roll out of bed for the clinic) laughing and enjoying each others company. From there, we arrived at the clinic about an hour early (oops!) and some of us realized how very tired we were. At that point a strange thing happened.

We played baseball.

Well, kinda. After I changed, I was warming up with my staff - trying to decide what I wanted to convey -- when one of our students found a softball sized rubber ball in the bleachers. I casually joked for someone to toss it at me so I could hit it with a staff technique.

From there, everyone in our group became engrossed in this weird hybrid of baseball, cricket and Tang Soo Do. As students from other schools entered the gym, they were half-amused, half-perplexed by what greeted them.

Just a bunch of tired college kids being goofy before things got started.

Tang Soo!
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