Tuesday, September 2, 2008

here come the new kids!

Fall quarter at Ohio State is our biggest recruitment period. A few thousand new undergrads descend on campus and are essentially forced to attend orientation programming that we participate in as a club.

The last few years, I've started to notice that the students don't get all of my obscure references and that there is a bit of a disconnect as I become more of an "adult" in their eyes rather than a fellow student. As an aside, let me just say that it is perfectly acceptable for me to notice this. Any student unfortunate enough to make this observation in public is volunteering for "demo dummy duty."

I noticed that this year's crop of frosh will have been born in 1990, give or take. As a child of the 70s, this gives me some pause. The kids in my class are potentially some of the first results of my cohort's lackluster sex ed program.

I first noticed last year that the kids in class had different frames of reference because some of them had never seen the Karate Kid! This movie probably defined the martial arts to a large majority of my generation, and many of my generation probably consider Pat Morita to be their sensei.

Imagine a whole group of kids who may not instantly understand the concept of wax removal or addition, or even a crane kick. What movie will I need to watch to understand their frames of reference? Surf Ninjas? I think not!

Anyhoo, now that you're depressed as well, I present the Beloit Class of 2012 Mindset. In pasty years, I've thought the list was more interesting. Whoever does this at Beloit must be have reaching a little, or was too ashamed to admit their knowledge of some of the uglier parts of 1990.
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