Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Postman brings gifts!

I had two big smiles this week, due to surprises on my doorstep. Friday night, I found a package from one of my black belts. I really wasn't sure what to expect...

We've been quoting the preview for this movie for months in class. This BB in particular teamed up with a few other students to make our own, BTSD-style, spoof on the viral videos which have found a permanent place in BTSD lore. Thanks Derrick! :)

On Saturday, we drove to Indiana for the wedding of another black belt alum.

After a long drive to and fro, I was surprised to find yet another package on the doorstep, this one via Amazon. I hadn't ordered anything, nor had KB. We scratched our heads in confusion, and then I remembered that I'd linked to the Amazon wishlist for the club library. Surely no one had... Yes they did!!!!

Pure Awesome. Thanks Heather for the first online donation to the BTSD library.
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