Friday, September 26, 2008

Youtube Roundup: Week 2

Another busy week is behind me. We had a blast this week with orientation and meeting tons of new students. First week at BTSD went well with several students trying a class for the first time yesterday. I'm very proud of all of my black belts who worked with the new students to share their unique perspective on TSD.

I haven't gotten to train much this week with everything else going on, but have spent some time thinking about staff training and building fluidity and dexterity. That said, I have a few related links to share with you.

I've been keeping up with the tutorials from playpoi for awhile now. It's very interesting to watch his videos and hear how similar his concepts are to what we teach with staff and nunchaku. When I was a green belt, I was told that I should improve my staff dexterity by trying figure eights with a 6 foot length of rope. Years later, it was a neat treat to find this video.

Now compare the flexible weapon lanes with this young man.

I like how he hints at the concept of being able to move directly from this dexterity skills and creating momentum for full power strikes. Like this gentleman:

In a related vein, I had an opportunity to chat with a Shotokan instructor about Jitte / Sip Soo. Jitte, as practiced in the Shotokan tradition is often related as a form which teaches unarmed defenses against an attacker wielding a staff. Obviously, closing the distance and intercepting the swing is pivotal to making these techniques work, and can be best described as desperate measures for an already bad situation.

This is the only video I could find amongst the jitte bunkai showing a staff application. I find that odd, given that I've heard this so many times. It would be nice to see some more people demonstrate on camera. There are several related videos to the above link which all show some interesting perspectives on this underappreciated form.
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