Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Black Belt Class

This weekend, we had our monthly Black belt class on Saturday morning. We took the opportunity to review and discuss fundamentals of staff or bong. To be honest, I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to take with the class, since my perspective on bong has been changing a lot lately. I've given a great deal of thought about working our dexterity drills and techniques together in a more cohesive fashion and then progressing into hyung and application.

What happened next was a nice surprise. The class became less about me teaching, and more of a discussion. As it turns out, everyone had some insight to share on the topic. Even the questions - which tend to be pretty simple technical questions -- turned into a pleasant discussion. We experimented with some different feelings, different planes of motion and I found that everyone was able to visualize and express what they were doing. Along the road, we came across a few surprises and I think everyone -- myself included - learned something about bong.

Instead of feeling like the teacher, transmitting a rigid lesson, I was the discussion facilitator. It was an excellent feeling to know that our black belts are progressing and making their own sense out of what they are doing, rather than just parroting back what I have to say.
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