Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bo Makiwara: Spring Fun Project

Once spring rolls around, and my backyard comes back to life, I have a project. Well, two projects, because I also want to make a fire pit. The second will be equally as cool if you are into these sorts of things. :)

A Bo Makiwara. I'm thinking a 6 foot 4x4 for the main base, supported on the bottom with planks reinforced in the middle by 4x4 blocks. Same for the upper-body (shoulder-width) and a 45 degree leg jutting forward from about waist height. Drill a big hole right in the center for practicing the thrust. Reinforce/pad with rope. I don't have any kendo gear, nor willing to plunk that kind of money down. (now if I can find someone with completely trashed gear... like Kendo gear is sooo common at garage sales in Central Ohio)

We shall see. Fire pit takes precedence. I like fire. :)