Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Youtube Treasures

I recently read a post out on the tubes which talked about using Youtube to further your martial arts training. And I completely agree. Once Youtube hit the scene, I knew that martial artists would take this medium to heart. There are lots of GREAT things to watch online.

Like this!

Oops, wrong bookmark! I mean, typo, typo!

Damn it I just can't type today...

Ah, that's better, and certainly more on-topic for this blog (we'll save musical animals for another time.) This is a great example of some of the material on Youtube that people are willing to share with the world. Great example of taking a form that some of us fall into the habit of mindlessly repeating and making us really think about what's going on.

Over the last 3 years, I've become very interested in the Asai style of Shotokan, specifically the relaxed snapping movement. Andre Bertel is kindly continuing to spread this message after the passing of Asai and is making it more and more accessible by sharing on Youtube. I'm probably never going to make it to New Zealand, but now I've been exposed to a different way of thinking that I can work with and try to make my own.

So get out there on Youtube and search for someone, embrace what is different and new and learn something.

And maybe watch a few cute cat videos too.

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