Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm still alive!

Last post was in... March?  Yikes, time for the "here's why I've been so busy, and here's a half-hearted pledge to post more" blog. :)

My attention span has been all over the place this year, attempting to round out my own development, build some interesting drills, and get past "here's what I was taught" in terms of my teaching ability in a few areas.  What I can tell you is that nothing makes you really examine what you know and what you are comfortable teaching until you are in charge of your own class.

Youtube is finally catching up to being the martial arts instruction utopia that I thought it could become when I wrote about it back in 2006 for my Sam Dan essay.  Video is so cheap and easy now; even cell phone video is tolerable.  In my opinion, there are two folks out there who are setting the bar high for everyone else: Iain Abernethy and OneMinuteBunkai.

What I really enjoy about 1MB is that there is no excessive talking, no 30 second banner intro with obnoxious music. Just quick applications that are easy to see and make sense. Add these guys to your subscription feed, right now. More soon... maybe even in less than 6 months. :)